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The Virginia Middle School Association is an alliance of schools and individuals advocating academic excellence in a supportive and equitable learning environment responsive to the diverse interest, talents, accomplishments and needs of young adolescents.

About VMSA

The Virginia Middle School Association (VMSA) is an alliance of individuals and representatives from organizations which advocate for academic excellence in a supportive, equitable learning environment responsive to the diverse interests, talents, accomplishments, and needs of young adolescents.

VMSA Mission Statement

VMSA provides proactive leadership in middle level education in collaboration with state and national organizations, governmental agencies, and institutions of higher learning.  The Association supports appropriate practices and experiences for young adolescents including high expectations, varied teaching and learning activities, flexible organizational structures, positive school climates, and school, family, and community partnerships.  VMSA offers conference programs to provide professional development in appropriate practices for individuals with an interest in the education of young adolescents. 

The Association provides information resources, including print and web resources, as well as a support network for those working with students in the middle grades.  VMSA strives to support and improve middle level education to meet the academic, physical, emotional, and social needs of young adolescents. 

Goals of VMSA

  • To promote understanding of the educational and developmental needs of middle level students;

  • To promote and encourage clear understanding of middle school philosophy and research based middle school practices in teacher preparation programs at colleges and universities within Virginia;

  • To encourage the Board of Education and the Virginia State Department of Education to recognize the middle school as a distinct and vital entity in the K-12 framework of education in Virginia;

  • To represent, in professional and public discussion of policies and programs involving the implementation of middle school methodologies, appropriate focus on middle school philosophy;

  • To maintain communication with agencies and groups to exchange ideas, materials, and expertise in middle level education for the purpose of promoting appropriate development of middle school practices; and

  • To conduct state, regional, and local meetings, conferences, and seminars regarding the implementation of middle school methodologies.

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